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Stocks To Watch For Thursday 12/18/14 – VPOR MEDA CDVI


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The OTC was pretty weak again today, but ECIG (Electronic Cigarettes Intl. Group, Ltd.) started well before inevitably closing red (it hasn’t closed up two days in a row in a long while) and CDVI (Cal Dive, Intl.), also mentioned on our blog last night, continued higher today, closing up nearly 30%; the stock remains on our watch list for a potential continuation tomorrow.

VPOR (Vapor Group, Inc.) was a nice producer from our watch list last night, closing above .004 resistance at .0043 per share, up by more than 13% at the close with record trading volume; we’ll keep an eye on the stock for a possible continuation, but with all the volume today we expected a bit more. Sellers have been jumping over each other to dump shares lately, so play this one cautiously and watch the volume.

MEDA (Media Analytics Corp.) was a big play off our watch list last week, having held it’s gains well since, and closed up 20% at .097 just below it’s session high of .10. If it can break the .10 level with volume, it could give a test of it’s most recent high near .12 and really give anyone short on the stock a wake up to a new sheriff in town. Keep it on your watch list just in case.

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