TBEV Is Our Brand New Super Sub-Penny Pick!


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Hi Everyone & Welcome New Subscribers,

Our brand spankin’ new sub-penny pick is TBEV!

TBEV (High Performance Beverages Co.) is trading at absolute
rock-bottom prices of .001 per share, where a return back to it’s
high of more than .01 just last month would represent a gain of more
than 1000% from today’s close!

A move back to TBEV‘s 50 day moving average of .019, which it has
tested a couple times over the past year, would represent a gain of
nearly twice that.

Click here to view the weekly chart for TBEV to put things
into better perspective.

Shares appear to be finally forming a bottom, signified by this
week’s bottom price matching last week’s, also known as a
“double-bottom”, which could lead to a serious bounce back for TBEV!

As you can also see from the chart we’ve provided, TBEV has a history of making big moves, and with the cyclical nature of the market, this could be the perfect time to watch for an entry before another cycle northward takes place.

Better yet, TBEV just released breaking news this morning naming
their exclusive packaging and bottling partner, Zuckerman-Honickman, for their high performance line of sports beverages.

Read this morning press release in it’s entirety, HERE

This relationship is key for TBEV to bring their high performance
sports beverages to market, and with production expected to start
soon, we would imagine more good news is on the way.

With limited downside and tons of upside potential, we see TBEV as a prime risk vs. reward play at this level with the potential to make a
massive bounce!

TBEV is on HIGH ALERT today!

Put TBEV on your trading screen immediately as we prepare for the opening bell.

Happy Trading!


The TodaysPickis.com Team

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