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Today started similar to yesterday, with another big budget promotion, NORX, being halted by regulators before the market opened like BIZM on Tuesday. The OTC Market was filled with a sea of red today too, with few of the top trading volume stocks closing in the green, but there are always a few worth watching. 

XIDEQ – Potential
– (Exide Technologies) – closed up 4.03%, at .155c a
share, on over 6.06 million shares traded. Shares saw a new 52 week low of
.122c, but found support at that level, closing up on the day at today’s high
of .155c. After closing at today’s high, therefore forming a bullish hammer
candle on it’s chart, shares of
XIDEQ could continue to
see a bigger bounce into tomorrow as traders take notice. The Company recently
filed bankruptcy and shares have fallen from over $2.30c in April to the new
lows they created today. As a result, it’s our personal opinion that extra
caution should be used in trading stocks with a “Q” attached to the end,
representing any Company’s current state of being bankrupt. We have seen other “Q”
stocks turn into great trades over one-two day periods on similar dead-cat bounce
setups. Keep it on close watch tomorrow.


VHGI – Continued
Accumulation Watch 
– (VHGI Holdings, Inc.) – closed up 9.22%, at .09c a
share, on 325,070 shares traded today. Most of the day for 
VHGI was quiet, but
when the Company finally managed to
file it’s annual 10K for year-end 2012 in the last few minutes of the day, shares
jumped quickly to a new high of .09c, closing at a new high on the week, and
continues to move up from our alert on the stock last Monday. With little time
to actually digest the contents of the financials for 
VHGI, it’s clear the
reaction to the little someone saw was quite positive, and we expect that this
long awaited update from the Company could continue to move the share price
higher over the coming days and (potentially) weeks. Those who follow our blog
and newsletter religiously have reaped the benefit of up to 40% in gains in less
than 2 weeks on this particular profile. Keep it on close watch.



ACCS – Potential Bounce – (African Copper Corp.) – closed down -50%, at .01c a share,
on over 50.8 million shares traded today. Shares of 
ACCS have received a royal
beating over the past month, down nearly -95% from their highs of .195c just a
couple of weeks ago, and received another 50% haircut in price today after
yesterday. It’s quite common to see these kinds of promotions bounce at least
some from the .01c level, where shares closed Thursday, but nothing is for
certain and we will continue to monitor it’s action for confirmation over the
coming days. It should be known that traders and investors should use extreme
caution trading heavily promoted penny stocks like 
ACCS, especially after what
we have seen the past two days from the halts in 
BIZM and NORX. What’s even
worse is the group behind this particular promotion is probably one of the most
malicious, blood sucking (money sucking, really) promoters you will ever sign
up to receive a newsletter from, but time could soon be catching up to them.
Keep this on watch for early consolidation tomorrow, where shares will most
likely be red in the morning, but could move back to green on the day; momentum
could rise and the price could jump quickly after as a result.

Happy Trading!

The Penny Stock Experts Team at

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