Stocks To Watch 11/29/12 – SVEN SRGE NGRC TRTC


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SVEN  Continued Volume/Watch
(Superior Venture Corp.) closed up slightly today, almost 4
% at .327c a share, on nearly 30 million shares traded. The stock traded almost 127,000,000 shares yesterday and closed up almost 220%. After such a massive increase, it may be necessary that the stock cools down to consolidate before moving higher in the short term. Superior Venture Corp. will remain on our radar for several weeks and we encourage subscribers to watch any rapid dip in price as an opportunity to enter the stock over the coming days. The majority of the stocks volume has been between .2030c, with that being said, we would imagine the .20c level would be an ideal psychological level to hold as major support in the short term, with lighter support near .30c.

SRGE Continued Bounce Watch (Southridge Enterprises, Inc.) closed down just over 15% today at .0109c a share on lighter volume of 48,000,000 shares. The company issued positive news today regarding their expediting of uplisting to the OTCQB exchange, therefore becoming an SEC filing company in the short term. This should continue to help boost investor confidence over the coming weeks. Becoming more transparent with investors is a always a major plus. As we have stated, look for consolidation to end soon and the .0095-.0105c to remain a major level of support in the coming days before moving higher.

NGRC Volume – (National Graphite Corp.) closed up over 6% at .605c a share as volume increased to over 700,000 shares today. The company  is an American based Graphite, Gold, Silver and precious metals exploration company focused on acquiring and developing graphite projects in the dynamic and fastest growing end use for graphite, the battery segment. Previously the stock moved as high as over $1.20 per share and could be setting up to do the same thing over again if another large promotion group enters the stock. With today’s volume, it has certainly made us wonder. Keep this one on your radar over the next month.

TRTC Continued Breakout Watch – (Terra Tech Corp.) closed up 4.65% at .45c a share. The stock remains the most solid opportunity in the cannabis/medical marijuana sector, in our opinion, after continuing to hold more then 100% gains off recent lows. Look for the stock to breakout with a close above .45c and support to remain solid near .40c for this trend to continue. We could be looking at new highs here in the very short term if selling remains low and buyers continue to gauge price action.

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