Stocks To Watch 11/27/12 – SRGE ELAY TRTC TAGG


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For those of you who aren’t signed up to our newsletter, we put SRGE on the top of our e-mail subscribers breakout watch list last night. Today the stock opened at .016c, up over 20% from the previous day’s close, with a low of .0142c. From the days open the stock still saw over 20% gains, closing at .0193c, one thousandth of a penny off the days high of .0194c.

SRGE  Continued Watch – (Southridge Enterprises, Inc.)  closed up over 45% at .0193c today on nearly 70 million shares traded. The stock traded higher the entire day with solid momentum into the close. The Parabolic SAR indicator on the chart also turned bullish today which bodes well for the short-mid term here. The stock will remain on our watch and we expect momentum to continue through the early morning tomorrow. The chart has some gaps that may need to be filled over the course of the next few days or week, but the stock has consistently moved higher for nearly 3 months which shows it’s strength. Keep it on your continued watch.

ELAY  Continued Bounce Watch – (eLayaway, Inc.) closed down over 38% today at .0046c a share, after continuing to consolidate from a recent move of over 1500% off of 52 week lows under .001c. The stock is highly volatile but has been liquid and quite the trade for some lately. As we said with this one last night, look for the .004 range to be a solid point of support, and for the stock to bounce some off that range for a potential trade. Keep it on watch tomorrow.

TRTC  Continued Watch – (Terra Tech Corp.) closed up almost 4% today at .42c a share. The company has been on our blog several times since our initial feature on 11/14/12, moving over 31% from being put on watch at .35c, and now holding steadily above .40c. The stock saw a slight increase in volume today but volume has been lighter then what you would call normal lately. Look for volume to continue to increase and the price to remain above .40c for the stock to move higher. Out of all the marijuana or cannabis sector stocks, this one has held up the best in our eyes.

TAGG  Momentum – (TagLikeMe Corp.) closed up over 25% today at .069c a share, just .004c off of it’s day high . The stock has held support at it’s 200 day moving average near .05c for the past two trading weeks and could test .10-.12c over the coming days if momentum keeps up. Keep it on your short term watch list.

Worthy Mentions: 

CTLE – (Nano Labs, Corp.) moved to new highs today of $1.52 a share before closing down just under 1% today on it’s highest single share volume day ever. The stock has now moved over 50% since we put it on our members watch on 11/13/12 at just $1.00 a share. 

SLIO  (Solo International Inc.) closed up over 45% today as the stock moved from .01c to over .02c in the last 15 minutes of the trading day, settling at .016c for the close. Volume is still light, but the stock could have found a short term bottom near the penny level. 

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