Stocks To Watch 11/19/2012 – ELAY PHOT TRTC OSGIQ


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ELAY  Volume/Momentum – (eLayaway, Inc.) closed up over 428% Friday at .0037c per share on it’s largest single share volume day ever of over 191 million shares traded. The previous close indicates the stock closed at 52 week lows after coming down from above the .01c level. Major resistances sit near .005c, but a break through could send shares much higher. Look for volume and momentum to continue into Monday.

PHOT  Continued Momentum/Volume – (GrowLife Inc.) closed up just over 23% Friday after being put on our watch list Thursday night. The stock finished the week just off it’s high of day Friday of .0634c, at .063c per share. We have seen continued momentum in several marijuana stocks over the past month including Growlife Inc. and others mentioned on our blog recently. With that being said, keep companies like Growlife Inc. on your extended radar.

TRTC  Continued Momentum/Volume – (Terra Tech Corp.) was up every single session last week, closing the week at .425c per share up 1.19% Friday, and over 32% since being put on our watch early last week. Like Growlife Inc, Terra Tech Corp. operates in the cannabis sector and has seen added momentum from recent legislature passed in the November elections. In February this year, the company merged with GrowOp Technology Ltd., a cultivation equipment manufacturer focused on the rapidly emerging medical Cannabis market. With continued momentum and volume, the stock could be testing .50c early this week.

OSGIQ  Bounce Momentum – (Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc.) has been placed on watch, closing at .65c Friday, up over 18% on just under 5 million shares traded. The company, which recently filed for bankruptcy, operates in the heavily battered shipping industry. The stock has lost over 90% of it’s value over the past month which could lead to a short term bounce in price as investors try to recoup their principle investment.

Worthy Mentions:

The entire cannabis / marijuana sector has been on fire lately, literally. Several stocks in the sector including PHOTTRTCCBISMJNAGRNH, and HEMP have seen impressive gains over the past month and we are keeping all stocks on the sector on watch til things seem to slow back down. Sector momentum can produce multiple movers at one time in the OTC market, with just about any company operating in a specific sector running simultaneously. In the past we have seen such has been the case in the oil/gas, biotech, and coffee sectors too.

SLIO  Potential Bounce – (Solo International Inc.) which you can read our full report on HERE, closed down another 53% Friday after the same promoters who announced RARS pulled the plug on their new pick, SLIO. We encourage our members to keep the stock on light watch over the course of the next several days as the price has fallen from over .13c to under .02c. Such a massive drop will likely lead to a bounce at some point in time (whether from long holders or a smaller promotion like we saw with RARS), but the stock, in our opinion, will remain a higher risk trade. Look for the stock to establish a bottom of some sort this week.

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