PWEI potential 700% gains from our alert!

Hi Everyone & Welcome New Subscribers,

PWEI has continued to be the hottest thing in the market since our alert almost 3 weeks ago!

Since our alert PWEI has seen over 350% in potential gains from under .18c to all the way over .70c! Twice!

Members who followed our multiple updates and alerts on PWEI the past few weeks were fully aware of a potential second opportunity to load “cheap” shares under .18c, and after short sellers attacked the stock, that’s exactly what happened!

Two weeks ago short sellers attacked the intial move on PWEI and drove the price all the way back to under .15c!

Since then, the stock has continued to move up, closing up another 20% today at .685 just off it’s previous 52 week high of .705!

If you played PWEI right, you’re up almost 700% in less than a month!

To put that in perspective, just a $5,000 investment could be worth $35,000 today!

PWEI specializes in working with underperforming companies and bringing together the resources needed for them to attain financial stability and growth. 

PWEI focuses on companies showing a positive upside while struggling to bring new technologies and unique products to the market.

PWEI issued more news today which could continue to propel the stock higher tomorrow as it’s looks to test new highs!

To read that press release, click HERE.

Where else have there been opportunities to make up to 500% in potential profit over the course of 2 weeks these days? Let us answer that for you. There hasn’t!

PWEI has been an AMAZING play for our subscribers since we first brought the stock to their attention just a few weeks ago!

Keep PWEI on your radar through this week and be on the lookout for our next exciting opportunity – Coming Soon!

PWEI has shown incredible strength and we have another action packed alert coming your way VERY soon!

Trade Safe. Trade Smart.


The Team